Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recent Happenings

It rained alot. Then it stopped, but there was a crazy lightning storm going on, so me and Willis decided to go out and watch it. Funny thing though, when we decided to stop in the park at midnight, some cop saw us. I now know that park curfew is 10:30. But it seemed (luckily) that the cop had better things to do than write us a ticket, so that was nice.

Me and John and some of John's friends decided to go play laser tag. We ended up matched against this group of 50ish year old ladies. After that we went and chased ducks at a pond.

I'm in the hotel for the X-Bar race tomorrow. The race should be good. There is even a chance I can finish in the top 10 for the series. I'll report back tomorrow or monday.

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