Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I went home friday afternoon. That was all good and stuff. Then I came back yesterday for the dirt derby, well, and the final I have to take tomorrow... Anyway, people really need to learn how to drive. When the speed limit is 70, it is not the time to get in the left lane and go 40. Even if you are passing the person in the right lane going 35. They shouldn't be on the highway in the first place.

Oh, and those white lines at angles, you're supposed to park at the same angle as them, not perpindicular to the curb:

In other news, the dirt derby went good. I could tell I had been driving all day when my legs started saying "no more" after the first two laps. I had to give in and slow down a little, but I still got 5th, which I think is my best finish so far.

Right when we were leaving the cold front blew in. For a while it was raining so hard I couldn't see the stripes on the road.

Well, time to play guitar hero study.

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