Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I felt really good riding last weekend, which motivated me to sign up for the Pace Bend race on Sunday. I've done alright at this one in the past, so, I'm feelin' it. Besides, I need a reason to take the Zipps out of the closet again... I don't think they've seen the light of day since I was in Colorado. The finish line better not be somewhere stupid again this year, like 100 meters after a corner or on a downhill. Come on guys, you had it right three years ago.

In studio-land we're getting into the beginning of actual designing for the semester. Short of a piece of paper with some criss-crossy lines on it though, I don't really have anything worth posting pictures of. Maybe next week. I think there's some stuff of some sort due sometime around then.
Oh, and I checked out a book from the library about parking garages. It was published in the 50s. Meaning 1) all the cars in the pictures are also from the 50s, and thus awesome and 2) theres some goofy designing going on, but it's so cool at the same time! Like a parking garage completely enclosed in glass! I can't come up with any reason for that other than "well, I suppose it was built in '57..." Seems like the type of thing they'd do back then.

As for general life, there's not too much going on. Not having anything else to do Sunday, I went to a concert at Emo's Inside (meaning it was really small) for the first time in a while. Saw Jeff the Brotherhood and Screaming Females. It was pretty good.
Killswitch Engage is coming to Stubb's next week, but I can't decide if I want to drop $30 for the ticket or not...
I'm about to find an envelope for the purposes of this. I'm kinda excited to see how that turns out.

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