Sunday, January 24, 2010

MTB Adventures

Yesterday I decided I was going to load up my mountain bike and go for an adventure looking for some of Austin's top-secret trails. I vaguely knew where a couple of them started, and figured I could just ride around and get lost or something. But luckily, I ran into a guy Dave I kinda know, and he knew the trails and offered to show me around. It was a lot better than I would've been able to do by myself. And there are some awesome trails out there!
I went back today and rode the same stuff again and found a few things we didn't ride... I think I'm going back a time or two during the week... The Greenbelt is going to start having Kyle withdrawals...

I had a song stuck in my head all day today too, so it'll serve as song of the day or whatever this here thing that I do is called:
'Okie Dokie' Dan Deacon

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