Tuesday, December 9, 2008

El Dirt Derby

There was an ominous green and yellow blob moving towards Austin all day, according to the weather radar. It seemed to stall out though, and the Derby was on!
Somewhere on the way there, though, the wind started picking up and was gusting somewhere around 35mph. It started getting cold too.

I opted out of warming up, because it didn't seem like it would be very worth it. So, we start, and let me say, there were some awesome tailwind sections! The rest of the course, well, it was one of those things where pedaling downhill took a lot of effort... A couple laps in, I realized that the dirt was hitting me so hard it felt like raindrops. The next lap, I realized that it had started raining. They called the race, and everyone packed up and got out as fast as we could, but not before it started hailing...

I got 4th.

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