Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lake Bryan

Saturday I pre-rode the course, then raced the short track. The race was going good until the end...
Here is my artistic representation of the last 100 metres or so:

Even after flying about 10 feet, I somehow managed to not get hurt, and after truing my front wheel, my bike had recovered from its ~20 foot flight as well!

There was a time trial Saturday night, but I made an executive decision to pass on that and go back to the hotel with the parentals instead.

This morning was the XC race. It wasn't too bad considering Lake Bryan isn't my favourite course. I pulled off a fourth, which I'm fairly happy with.

It's just about sleepy time now, so goodnight!


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zero said...

dude, non-optimal tactics in the short track there, but a nice recovery none the less.

brilliant illustrations as well, my good man.